A Compelling Brand

Is The Best Marketing & Advertising Tool


Graphic design is more than just an identity. It's your personality. It creates a recognized and owned presence in today's global marketplace. In a world full of templates and clip art, there is no substitute for a customized brand identity. When the image of a swoosh or golden arches come to mind, there are undeniable benefits of long-term value and visual recognition. Consistent use of a unique identifiable brand in all your marketing materials begins to communicate beyond words.


Set yourself apart by letting us help you define your own exclusive personality. Housecat Design Studio is a strategic graphic design & interactive development studio specializing in custom print. Our process starts with listening to your needs and establishing your goals. We will develop a creative strategy that carefully considers your objectives, budget and deadline. Through smart thinking and personalized account service, you will receive sound strategy and unique design concepts that work for you.



Can't go paperless?



Look around your workplace, and you'll likely find plenty of printed material, from business cards to brochures to books. Printing words and images on paper may seem like one of the more environmentally benign things your company does, but that isn't necessarily the case. If you examine the life cycle of printed matter -- from turning trees into paper through the witch's brew of chemicals involved -- professional printing takes on a decidedly non-green hue.


The explosion of web and digital technology doesn't seem to have changed things -- as one pundit put it, the paperless office has turned out to be about as practical as the paperless bathroom. But if you still have to print, go green.


Green printing is on a roll, moving beyond small, do-good companies and activist groups to larger corporations and government agencies that have mandates to purchase greener goods and services. As demand for green printing has grown, so too has the number of printers offering such services -- or, at least, claiming to.


It's about time. The mechanics of most types of printing haven't changed much over the past half-century. Lithography and carefree -- the methods typically used to print books, magazines, and catalogs -- employ plates, which are used to apply ink to paper. Typically, the process involves a variety of inks, solvents, acids, resins, lacquers, dyes, driers, extenders, modifiers, varnishes, shellacs, and other solutions. Only a few of these ingredients end up directly on the printed page. The balance are used to produce films, printing plates, gravure cylinders, or proofs, or to clean printing plates or presses.



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