DESIGN SERVICES At Housecat Design Studio, we understand that different projects require special amounts of attention as well as taking into consideration your budget and schedule. We willingly work with you to best accommodate the three most important factors: time, money and quality. We want to create the best visual communication and design work to balance the harmony between creativity and function. We offer an economical design process, which consists of creating 1-2 unique design options per design piece for you to choose the final design. We can also offer the option of up to two additional developmental tweaks to your satisfaction. Additional design will be billed at $45/hour. The quote given also include an initial consultation. When the design is complete we can also provide the highest quality printing. We can supply the files at 300dpi CMYK or PMS Spot color formatted to PDF, TIFF, PSD, EPS and Illustrator. Let us take the frustration out of the process for you. We are very competent brokers afforded the distinction of working with the best printers in the industry. This distinction allows us to offer you the most competitive rates and the highest quality printing in the industry. If HOUSECAT DESIGN STUDIO is hired to do design work for you, it is the clients complete responsibility to make sure the design is done exactly to the specs the client desires. Prior to the final proof used to set a job into print production, approval by the client is required. On orders placed through our website, once a client approves their on-line PDF proof, that relieves Housecat Design Studio from any and all responsibility for any aspect of the design such as: mis-spellings (Typos), column spacing, etc. If the client is ordering a custom quoted order (one not available on our website), and a physical client signature is required to approve a proof before releasing an order into print production, that client signature completely releases Housecat Design Studio from any liability on work Housecat Design Studio did in design. It is ultimately the clients responsibility to proofread and check that all design elements are done to their EXACT satisfaction, before approving any type of proof that finally releases an order into FINAL PRINT PRODUCTION. If a client finds an error in their order after approving their proof, but before the order goes onto a printing press for completion, the costs to make the change will vary depending on the nature of the change, and how far along into production the job has gone. Once PDFL makes that cost assessment, the client will be notified, and it will ultimately be the clients responsibility to post a message in the client account, under that specific ORDER NUMBER, as to what action PDFL is to take regarding this matter. Nothing will be done until you post a message to your account and that specific ORDER NUMBER. Finding mistakes after a proof has been accepted and a print order is received is not grounds for clients to request a reprint or a refund. However, if this does occur, and a client requires a job to be reprinted, Housecat Design Studio will reduce the rerun or new order by up to as much as 20% off the listed website prices. The amount discounted from 1% to 20% will solely depend on whether or not any discounts were offered at the time of the first order, and if the client is a discounted customer or not. PRINTING SERVICES At Housecat Design Studio, we believe winning begins with GREAT DESIGN. Professionally executed print design establish your individual identity and your credibility as a formidable force in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace. Once credibility is established, you have effectively enticed your audience to further evaluate your message. Guess what? You just beat out your competition. First impressions are influential. A business identity which lacks thought and precise execution leads potential clients and customers to make assumptions about how that business is operated. Although these assumptions, such as the company is small or unprofessional, aren't’t necessarily true, the new business opportunity may already be lost to the competition. You know, the one who took the time and made the investment to make their brand communicate the right messages about how they do business. Separate yourself from the crowd with smart thinking, sound strategy and solid concepts. Whether you are just starting and want to “invent” yourself for the first time, or you’re an established business looking to “re-invent,” now is the time. At Housecat Design Studio, we have the experience and expertise to deliver on-time and on-budget. Contact us today for your free consultation and free estimate.


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